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With the seemingly never ending games and apps being added into the App store daily, it’s hard to keep track of the games actually worth playing. Luckily for you, Fantasy Conflict is one of those games.

Fantasy Conflict: Dwarves, Kings, & Personality - rewiew made by

That sentiment bears mention because I’m reasonably certain it directly influenced my attitude towards Gaijin Entertainment’s Fantasy Conflict, available now in the iTunes app store. Approaching the game from as skeptical a standpoint as one could possibly have, I have to admit that Fantasy Conflict is very good. It feels like it was designed specifically for iOS, and as such many of the problems that I typically have with RTS games are missing in dwarven-filled action.

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One of the most interensting rewiews about the Fantasy Conflict.

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A good spin-off? There's gnome two ways about it...

The Fantasy Conflict Has Begun, Are You Ready To Fight? – iPad App Review from

Gaijin Entertainment, the developers of Modern Conflict 2 and Braveheart, just launched a new game in the App Store that is both entertaining and exciting. As the king, battle against enemies and steal their land. Take back what is yours and expand your kingdom.

iOS rewiew from - first look at Fantasy Conflict

If not for platformers, the tower defense genre would more than likely be the undisputed champ of iOS marketplace. For a game to stand out in such a crowded marketplace, it needs simultaneously to be innovative and entertaining (and more than a little fun). Fantasy Conflict, a new title from Gaijan entertainment, is such a game.

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Fantasy Conflict became something like a weird drug where I could be playing it for hours and then I immediately would lose interest and just turn the game off, not expecting to pick it up again for a while. Yet, I would be back at it again the next day or later that night.

GameSpot: Most Historically Educational Way to Destroy Planes

...and Most Compelling Reason to Hope We Don't Find Ancient Treasure on Mars

Interview with Game designer for Polish fan-site

Pavel Kulikov, the Lead Game Designer on War Thunder answers question of our Polish fan community and presents 6 exclusive screenshots with ingame aircraft with polish markings. Text is available in English and in Polish. Blades of Time, more than a reboot

Being an adventure fanatic, Blades of Time has been the only game as of recently to spark my interest. Blades of Time worths 8 of 10!

We gave the game a rating of 8 out of 10, so good job guys! We have been very positively surprised and impressed by the game, it looked very interesting and fast-paced (maybe just a bit too linear). We appreciated very much the Time rewind mechanic and the puzzles based on it. (Italian) Blades of Time is a beautiful game!

Features section designs, especially the main characters - Ayumi modeling, modeling of the enemy - they look extremely beautiful. Very beautiful location designs, one can see - every room is different. (Turkish)

dotmmo: Star Conflict rules the Universe

Navigate your advanced spacecraft into the extensive galaxy, join in the intense and breathtaking combats with your delicate outfits and sophisticated technologies, and fulfill the ambitious project of conquering the universe!

Massively: Star Conflict Blasts Into Beta

Star Conflict may not be the MMO on everyone's tongue right now, but give it time -- it might just catch on. The gestating title from Star Gem Inc. has passed through the beta barrier and is looking for testers to help take it to the cosmos and beyond.

mmofront: Star Conflict Closed Beta Launches

If you’ve ever wanted to play an outer space version of World of Tanks, without the tanks, then you’re in luck. Gaijin Entertainment announced that the closed beta test for Star Conflict, its new PvP-based space combat MMO, has begun.

Mondoxbox: Blades of Time: Rage&Beauty

Blades of Time offers a good combat system and a charismatic heroine.

ztgd: Blades of Time makes you smile

Those that play it, you will find it has a certain charm that makes it worth seeing through to the end. If you do come across it, I bet you will find yourself smiling while playing it.

Egmnow: Blades of Time has great combat!

Blades of Time surprised me with its tight controls and interesting time manipulation dynamic that offered a nice change of pace to your typical hack ‘n’ slash experience. Great combat dynamic between the guns, swords, and time powers

Nowgamer: Gaijin has got the right point

Gaijin has got what’s most important right, so though the idea of it being a cross-between Tomb Raider and Darksiders should be taken with a pinch of salt, it’s a more engaging game than some of the bland adventures we’ve had with Lara recently.

Thegamershub: Time Rewind is something extra

It throws something extra into the mix too by incorporating a new element that has been dubbed «Time Rewind.». The combat system is well thought out that include melee, tactics and combos, as well as magic – special moves keep the gameplay from getting dull.

Newbreview: Blades of Time is a breath of fresh air

In some ways Blades of Time is a breath of fresh air the time rewinding feature leads to some innovative combat and puzzles. If you’re a fan of challenging hack and slash adventure games then it is definitely worth picking up.

Metro. Birds Of Steel review - Finest Hour

The makers of IL-2 Sturmovik return with not only the best combat flight simulator on consoles, but also the best Second World War game for years... Editor's Choice Preview

Gaijin really could not have done much more to enable you to play indefinitely. The exceedingly powerful mission editor means the lifespan of this game is entirely up to you...

IGN: Birds of Steel is the editors choice!

If you've dedicated the past three years to IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, your next purchase has arrived. Birds of Steel picks up directly where Birds of Prey left off; instantly accessible and yet hugely challenging, depending on how you tune it. The environments are huge, the plane list is long plus it looks gorgeous and sounds great. The action is thick and visceral; aerial stoushes can go from tense, one-on-one affairs to grand, epic encounters against swarms of enemy fighters and bombers. For three years Gaijin's Birds of Prey remained the best and most nuanced flight game on consoles. Birds of Steel builds on the excellent Birds of Prey and refines Gaijin's formula further. Birds of Steel is an exceedingly confident and robust game that will reward fans with its depth and detail. It's easily the best flight game on today's consoles.

Destuctoid: Play with yourself in Blades of Time

If you dig straight fantasy, fast combat and amusing gameplay features, then you should keep an eye on Blades on Time... Keeping it real in unfriendly skies

Even at this stage it feels like the Forza of flight; a love-letter to antique aircraft that doesn't want you to stop playing it...

Jeuxvideo: Blades of Time preview - Blades of Time preview (French)

Gamezone: Blades of Time - Blades of Time preview (German)

EGM Now: Blades of Time: If I Could Save Time in a Bottle

When Gaijin Entertainment made “Oniblade” in 2007 — or “X-Blades” as it was known when it came out in the U.S. and Europe two years later — they attempted to make a Japanese-style hack & slash action game (and, many critics would argue, failed miserably).

Xbox magazine: Blades of Time preview

As the Back to the Future films tell us, time travel has rules. You’re not supposed to let your past self see you, nor should you change the past. Fortunately for Blades of Time protagonist Ayumi, those rules don’t seem to apply in her universe.

Games Radar: Blades of time preview

Badass hot chicks beating the crap out of monsters, flipping around in skimpy outfits and speaking with thick English accents might sell a few games, but unless a title can provide a real reason for gamer to pick it up, it could be bound for failure.

Inside Gaming Daily: Blades of time: Hands on!

I really want people to pay attention to this game, so I’ll get right to the heart of why you should care about it. Despite seeming like a vanilla hack n’ slash, Blades of Time has two really cool features...

EGM Now: Birds of Steel: Tails of ordinary madness

When “Forza Motorsport 4” came out last October, it took a unique approach to driving games by being both a realistic racing sim and an arcade-esque driving game. Now the World War II aerial dogfighting game “Birds of Steel” — which is slated to be released on the 360 and PS3 in March — is similarly attempting to have it both ways.

Inside Gaming Daily: Birds of Steel: Hands On

Despite taking place in World War II and having a title styled as ____ of ____, Birds of Steel has one powerful and unique boast; when it calls itself “realistic” it actually means it. This is — or can be, depending on how you configure it — a simulation in the strictest sense of the term. I’m talking your plane will handle differently as you consume through your fuel. This is the sort of game that doesn’t use an arbitrary number of hit points to represent your plane’s health. Each bullet is modeled in its placement and damage to the plane. You can get shot in the fuselage all day, but one bullet through the cockpit and you’re out.

Gamesradar: Birds of Steel preview

Looking for another chance to be World War II fighter pilot during the campaign in the Pacific? Flight sim enthusiasts and history buffs will want to check out Birds of Steel, an air combat sim that puts players in the cockpits of fighter pilots flying actual missions during WWII. Flight sims may be a dime a dozen these days, but Gaijin Entertainment is attempting to add to the genre to make an even more engaging experience than other simulators.

Gamasutra: Star Conflict Approaches Sector “Beta”

Gaijin Entertainment is announcing the approach of the Star Conflict closed beta test. Those interested in taking part to play and beta test this upcoming MMO space action game can sign up now, with the closed beta scheduled to start in the near future. Star Conflict will release on PC later this year. Developed by Star Gem Inc., Star Conflict will feature exciting, adrenaline-packed gameplay sure to satisfy fans of true space simulators as well as players of 3D action shooters. Interview with Producer at Igromir-2011

№1 MMO specialized gaming e-magazine in Russia — is interviewing Alexei Peshehonov — Producer of Star Conflict MMO Space Action game during IGROMIR-2011. Only exciting details on setting, gameplay, customization and RPG elements in Star Conflict at first-hand!

MMORPG Italia: Star Conflict. Nikolai Seleznev Interview

Do you like PvP Sci-Fi MMOs? Well, in a short time you will be able to try the new Star Gem Inc. product (Gaijin Entertainment will be the publisher), Star Conflict. We sat down with the Product Director of the game, mister Nikolai Seleznev, to know more about it.

MMORPG Italia: War Thunder. Kirill Yudintsev Interview

We sat down with Chief Creative Officer of Gaijin Entertainment, Kirill Yudintsev, to discuss about War Thunder, the new upcoming flying and flight MMO, and about the strange competition with another similar title... Gaijin Entertainment Launches Website for War Thunder MMO

Visit for game news to request access to the closed beta coming in September. June 17 - Award winning Gaijin Entertainment is announcing the launch of the official War Thunder website at This MMO flying simulation game, based on World War II history, coming to PC and MAC. Gaijin Entertainment announces new MMO – War Thunder.

War Thunder is a brand new, massive online game focused on flight simulation in the World War II era. «We kept this in secret for very long, and now we can finally reveal World of Planes! We have been working on it since 2009, and our experience with "IL-2 Sturmovik:Birds of Prey", «Wings of Prey» and «Apache: Air Assault» helps us to make really global online simulation game. All our experience and all our resources were involved in this new game. I’m sure that this game will take a worthy place in the hearts of gamers.” - says Kirill Yudintsev, Chief Creative Officer of Gaijin Entertainment.

IGN posted the review of Braveheart.

Braveheart is a good, tough action game. Every time you play, you acquire something, whether it’s gold, a new level, a weapon upgrade, or a perk – you always make progress. That really kept me coming back, even after some bizarre difficulty spikes. The spinning swing is a cool move, too; it’s fun to get up a head of steam and then arc into a horde of incoming enemies. Give it a download. IGN Score: 7.5 (Good).

Braveheart in Review – What wouldn’t you do for wealth, power, love… and to save your own skin!

Braveheart stands tall and proud, boasting refreshing controls, extensive character customization options and superb graphics... The only real risk is once you get the game you won’t have time for much else. Score Touch My Apps - 10/10!

Braveheart iPhone review

You just might even end up being surprised, like I was, that games of this quality DO exist for the iPhone. BUY IT! "Apache: Air Assault Review"

Apache: Air Assault is a title that a niche audience of hardcore flight sim fans will love, and the rest of us with a passing interesting in flying a chopper will get some fun out of. "Apache: Air Assault Review"

Apache: Air Assault faithfully captures all the nuance of piloting an attack helicopter while including plenty of extras to keep fanatics coming back for more.

Apache: Air Assault is a title that a niche audience of hardcore flight sim fans will love, and the rest of us with a passing interesting in flying a chopper will get some fun out of.

As a flight and combat simulator, the game is an unquestionable success.

Realistic controls are well implemented. Attention to helicopter detail is great. Patience and skill is sufficiently rewarded. Multiple difficulty modes allow for both authenticity and accessibility. Different objectives add variety. Co-op is a big plus. Overall Rating: 8.0

This is not a game that will cater to everyone tastes. Even those that really enjoy the fighter jet and plane sims may not totally care for jumping into a whirlie bird. But for those that do enjoy hopping into a chopper ala Battlefield, then you will most likely really enjoy this title. 80 out of 100.


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