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Anarchy: Rush Hour fails to entertain in almost every respect. Thank god for the inclusion of online multiplayer, because the campaign is a train wreck.


Having said that, if you've played every other racer and are just gagging for more speed, you can't go terribly wrong with Anarchy. Just be sure not to aim your expectations too high for a game that implements every other feature from every other racer to a slightly lesser degree.

At $8, little of the risk that comes with a retail product holds true here, and while I can't recommend it unequivocally, when approached almost like a B movie, Anarchy can be strangely fun.


My opinion of Anarchy: Rush Hour was quite bleak until I took it online. That changed the game completely and I've upped my rating in consideration of that.


The incredible intensity and vividness of Wings of Prey's dogfights is built on the authority of its flight models, the verisimilitude of it graphics and the quality of its bandit AI (excellent, apart from the odd sleepy moment) but there are other smaller factors at work too.


With its hybrid gameplay Wings of Prey manages to bring this particular genre to a larger audience. You also find good graphics and an engine capable of running even on dated machines. A game suggested to all simulation lovers but also to gamers who want to approach this genre for the first time. Wings of Prey

Wings of Prey would stand out even if the sim field were considerably more crowded. The concessions and compromises to realism are bound to aggravate purists, but it's a small price to pay for the range of flight models you get here.

HonestGamers: Staff Review "Wings of Prey"

When tied in to some, frankly, gorgeous graphics that make simply flying around the well-defined English countryside a joy, there’s little to complain about in Wings of Prey. Reader Review: Wings Of Prey

The game’s other draw is how stunning it looks. All the planes are wonderfully detailed, inside and out, the environments you in are lush and detailed. There’s the little things, oil, colour vapour and burns cover your windshield and wonderfully accurate and detailed damage effects." - Review: Wings of Prey

"I have to say this is probably the best Russian game I've played since Tetris. Unfortunately, as loyal readers will no doubt recollect, this is relatively faint praise..."

Gamer Limit Review: Wings of Prey

"There are many things Gaijin Entertainment did correctly with this game that will appeal to those who are new and interested in the genre..."

Hands-On Preview: Apache Air Assault

"Call me stupid if you like but a key thing I hadn’t realised before playing this was that helicopter combat missions are very different from flight sims."

“The Apache handled well and controlling and using it felt like they had spent a lot of work making it feel realistic without making it overly difficult or boring. […]The mini-gunning also feels a lot more fun than I thought it would, and I found myself enjoying it more than the similar missions in Call of Duty, especially as the use of it was optional and you could use whatever methods you wanted to do to complete the mission.”

« … the two-player local mode, that sees you and a buddy teaming up and taking down bad guys as pilot and co-pilot. That sounds like it would be mega-fun.» "Activision Announces 'Apache: Air Assault' Release Date"

«With several different flyable helicopters, Apache: Air Assault aims to let you experience a helicopter ride unlike any other!»

«Gaijin proved that they have the chops when it comes to doing a good flight game so I wouldn’t expect anything less from than with Apache.»

«The game is sounding really good, with enough modes to keep gamers busy.»

« … this game should be an exciting extension to the group of combat flyers coming out soon.»

«We have a gameplay trailer for you today, and it's chock full of side-strafing, rocket-launching whirlybirds. Forget dogfighting and space combat … a full-tilt top rotor is where it's at!»

«The game is actually looking pretty darn good, though there is no question that an out and out simulation of this nature is going to put a few people off. The scope of the levels and the near perfect detail in the flight, combat and terrain should be enough to draw people in though, and that may well see you hooked.»

«The game not only looks good but offers up some variety into the flight sim genre on consoles. Plus I’m really digging the co-op plans, where one player is pilot and the other is gunner. Apache: Air Assault is shaping up well.»

«For the record, Birds of Prey was pretty much amazing, and the inclusion of co-op here should definitely put Apache on your radar.» «The all-helicopter combat game we've all been waiting for as Activision reveals a November release date. Crecente and I couldn't be more excited to welcome this console generation's first dedicated helicopter combat sim.»

«Coming away from the game, it's clear that fans of air combat games and flight simulators will find a lot to appreciate and enjoy. Clearly, it's not for everyone, but it's a niche title for a niche audience. However, there seems to be a strong amount of polish and focus on making a helicopter title that works. It also helps that it is a great looking game with very lush and realistic geography and a solid draw distance. Hopefully, Gaijin Entertainment and Activision can keep things together and release a quality Apache helicopter simulator when Apache: Air Assault launches this November.»

Game World Navigator: Russian GDC

The "Game World Navigator" shared impressions about the Russian GDC conference. Read the article

GameSpot: PC periph evolves EyeToy promise

... Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment has provided the answer to that question with its in-development title Flight of Fancy. Displayed at this year's E3 (in the depths of Kentia Hall), the PC game lets the player control a dragon's flight by flapping his arms in front of a motion-tracking camera. A ghost image of the player's arms is shown on the screen, and it's fascinating to see how accurately the dragon follows your movements. Raising your arms makes the dragon climb, and dropping them to your sides sends the dragon into a dive. Speed is controlled by flapping faster or slower, and turns are accomplished by tilting your arms and body, sending the dragon into a banked turn. ... GameSpot: PC periph evolves EyeToy promise

Purga Network: Flight of Fancy - Interview (Russian)

Purga Network: Flight of Fancy - Interview (Russian)

Play Ground: Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian)

Play Ground: Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian) Flight of Fancy - Preview (german)

... Klingt wirklich cool was die Jungs aus Russland da in der Mache haben. Ich habe mich schon immer gefragt warum die mit dem Eye Toy salonfahig gewordene Technik der Bewegungs-Steuerung nicht massiver genutzt wird, und nur in kurzweiligen Simpel-Spielchen zum Tragen kommen. Gaijin konnte mit Flight of Fancy einen gro?en Schritt fur das Genre machen. Hoffentlich findet sich in unseren Gefielden ein Publisher, der sich dem ganzen Projekt mit dem notigen Aufwand annehmen kann. Potential: Sehr gut ... Flight of Fancy - Preview (german)

Gamer's Hell: Flight of Fancy - interview

- Before we get started can you please introduce yourself and what you do? - My name is Kirill Yudintsev. I am the creative director, and main founder of most game projects of Gaijin Entertainment. - Where did you get the idea for this kind of game? - The idea of the game belongs to me. Once I have reflected and decided - why not make a game where the player could feel like has is in dream?! In a fantasy world of good and evil. It was necessary to invent a must original game that differed from others' games. And we have decided to make a flight simulator of a Dragon, and base the control on web-cam. ... Gamer's Hell: Flight of Fancy - interview

Tiscali Games: Flight of Fancy - first view (Czech)

Tiscali Games: Flight of Fancy - first view (Czech)

GameGuru: Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian)

GameGuru: Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian)

Absolute Games: Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian)

Absolute Games: Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian) Flight of Fancy - preview (Russian) Flight of Fancy - preview (Russian) Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian) Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian) Flight of Fancy

Yep, it will be a simulator of flight of a dragon, but with some I shall add an arcade. We try to transfer a maximum of sensations from the present flight, to give the player to feel, that it can fly, as in dream! Playing for the winged pangolin you should fly by many grounds, carrying out set of tasks... Flight of Fancy interview Flight of Fancy - preview (Russian) Flight of Fancy - preview (Russian) Flight of Fancy - interview (German) Flight of Fancy - interview (german) Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian) Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian) Flight of Fancy - preview (Russian) Flight of Fancy - preview (Russian)

Home PC Magazine: Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian)

Home PC Magazine: Flight of Fancy - interview (Russian) news

Through state-of-the-art integration of set-top box technology and a wireless gyro mouse, consumers can stand in front of their televisions and execute a full golf swing to hit a virtual ball on a simulated golf course. The simulator shows the distance and direction of the shot... news

RPG Vault: Adrenalin - interview (English)

I think that Adrenalin will primarily appeal to fans of racing games. But since it is not a hardcore driving sim, it will also be fun to play for arcade admirers and casual gamers... RPG Vault: Adrenalin - interview (English)

PSX Extreme: X-blades - preview (English)

...X-Blades looks stunning. The environments, in particular, look downright beautiful, with gorgeous lighting that fills up the entire image, and a color palette so vivid that it oozes eye-candy. PSX Extreme: X-blades - preview (English)

AtomicGamer: X-blades - preview (English)

The gameplay, although familiar, looks to offer a heart-racing romp punctuated by quick, stylish combat and epic boss battles, all complemented by super-stylized art design. AtomicGamer: X-blades - preview (English)

The Angry Pixel: X-Blades - interview (English)

The Angry Pixel: X-Blades - interview (English) X-blades - interview (English) X-blades - interview (English) X-blades - preview (English)

There's hacking, slashing, soul collection, unlockable powers, dual gun blades, spells and time slowing special attacks. It's simple and easy to pick up and play. X-blades - preview (English) X-blades - preview (English)

Speaking of which, Ayumi may just take the crown for the tightest outfit in female videogame character history. We\'re not kidding when we say her outfit (which we've taken to calling the Battle Thong) looks like it was painted onto her body with an airbrush. X-blades - preview (English) X-blades - preview (English)

X-Blades is certainly very easy to pick up and play. Guiding Ayumi through the game, hacking and slashing your way through countless of enemies is both fun and challenging at the same time. X-blades - preview (English)


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